Why Speakeasy

Speakeasy was established in 2012 and is the biggest professional Chinese teaching organization in Yunnan, China, we aim at creating direct access to Chinese language and cultural exchange, in addition to providing a platform for the training of international Chinese teachers and promoting global communication and culture interchange.

Speakeasy was established on the principles of loyalty, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence. We provide our students with professional teaching and the best quality service throughout. With this policy, we have attracted over a thousand foreign students to living, learning and traveling in Yunnan. We ensure students are granted access to the splendor of the Yunnan landscape, whilst studying the Chinese language and experiencing pure Chinese culture.

At Speakeasy, our professional curriculum is carefully designed for students to improve their spoken Mandarin Chinese.

A systematic, diversified and personalized curriculum to satisfy all of your Chinese study needs.

In addition to our standard Chinese courses, you can also study according to your actual needs, such as "business" Mandarin, "HSK", "Chinese culture courses" and other professional courses.

Study Chinese

Speakeasy Language Center in Lijiang was designed as a practical, peaceful place for students to come and study languages. Located right beside the tranquil waters of Black Dragon Pond, our center offers professional teachers, quiet classrooms, and a unique curriculum for learning. If you want to learn to speak Mandarin, contact us about our programs and our current availability.