Speakeasy Curriculum

Speakeasy Chinese Classes
Our Chinese courses are based on the most popular and comprehensive language curriculum, and will be taught by native Chinese speakers, who are trained certified language teachers. At our modern Chinese school in Lijiang, our students can learn the basic, intermediate, and advanced skills of speaking, reading and writing Mandarin Chinese.

Our curriculum subjects include:

  • Chinese basics such as pinyin, pronouncing the tones, common vocabulary words, greetings and introductions, everyday activities and more
  • Intermediate vocabulary, ordering food, speaking to friends, reading and writing characters, basic expressions such as “I like”, “I want”, “I am”, “I have”
  • Intermediate to advanced vocabulary and grammar, general Chinese conversation, travel dialogue, reading and writing emails
  • Intermediate to advanced Chinese fluency
  • Advanced business Chinese, with which you can communicate complex business concepts, negotiate deals, and communicate in a professional environment

Our 1-1, VIP Chinese classes for foreigners are 30 USD/hour, and can be specifically tailored to your Chinese level and daily schedule. We recommend that students study at least 10 hours per week. 

For long-term students, we offer private apartments at Speakeasy, with private bathrooms, wi-fi, and all utilities included for 165USD/month.

If you would like to know more about our programs or curriculum, or to plan your studies in Lijiang, contact Bradley@ispeakeasy.org