Learning Suggestions

Chinese Study Tips
Learning a new language is never easy, but if you study hard, and apply the right strategy, you can learn quickly and effectively. Here are some tips to learning Mandarin from Speakeasy:
  1. Immerse yourself in the language. The best way to learn a language is to live in the country where it is spoken. To study Mandarin in China will help you gain a grasp of the language and culture that you could not experience elsewhere.
  2. Study every day. There is no substitute for hard work. If you want to learn, you must put in a good effort. Here at Speakeasy we motivate you to study every day and give your best.
  3. Make friends with Chinese speakers. Many Chinese people are eager to make friends with foreigners, so that they can practice their English. At the same time, they are happy to teach you and help you to practice your Mandarin.
  4. Watch Chinese TV, and listen to Chinese music. Watching TV in China, or listening to Chinese music, is a great way to tune your ear to Mandarin vocabulary and pronunciation. 
  5. Speak in front of a mirror. By speaking in front of a mirror, you can grow comfortable with the way you look when you are trying to speak Mandarin. Being physically confident is a big help when you are communicating with people.