Study Chinese and Tour in China Program

This month-long program gives you the opportunity to study Chinese while touring the beautiful Lijiang, Yunnan province. Just as the course material will be tailored to your needs, so the travel itinerary will likewise be created especially for you. We can help you to arrange trips to nearby Dali, Kunming, Shangri-La, Lugu Lake, and the Stone Forest. And within Lijiang, we can take you: on shopping expeditions in the Old Town, where you can practice bartering in Chinese with local merchants; to restaurants and markets, where you can sample Yunnan cuisine or partake of a tea ceremony; to the cinema, where you can watch a Chinese film or an American movie with Chinese subtitles; to a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic, where you can learn about healing herbs and roots or get a traditional massage or acupuncture treatment; to the Lijiang Impression show, where you can learn about the indigenous minority cultures; and to the mountains, where you can go hiking or bathe in a hot spring. The cost of the program includes tuition, transportation, entrance fees, accommodation, and food. Everything will be taken care of so that you can focus on enjoying your time in Yunnan and improving your Chinese.

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Study Chinese

Speakeasy Language Center in Lijiang was designed as a practical, peaceful place for students to come and study languages. Located right beside the tranquil waters of Black Dragon Pond, our center offers professional teachers, quiet classrooms, and a unique curriculum for learning. If you want to learn to speak Mandarin, contact us about our programs and our current availability.