Online Chinese class

For those who wish to study Mandarin Chinese, but cannot come to China, we offer our Chinese courses online via Skype. These classes are $25 USD/hour, during which our native Chinese speaking teachers will teach and review the same curriculum as they do for our local students. These classes offer an added level of convenience, as we can schedule them according to your work or study hours.

Our Speakeasy online Chinese classes include:

  • Chinese basics such as pinyin, pronouncing the tones, common vocabulary words, greetings and introductions, everyday activities and more
  • Intermediate vocabulary, ordering food, speaking to friends, reading and writing characters, basic expressions such as “I like”, “I want”, “I am”, I have”
  • Intermediate to advanced vocabulary and grammar, general Chinese conversation, travel dialogue, reading and writing emails
  • Intermediate to advanced Chinese fluency
  • Advanced business Chinese, with which you can communicate complex business concepts, negotiate deals, and communicate in a professional environment

If you are interested in our Speakeasy online courses, or to schedule a free 15-minute trial, email

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Our Teachers


Stephen Guo

Stephen Guo

My extensive experience with foreigners over the last nine years has not only been a complement to my studies, but also an exceptional insight into western culture. I maintain a high standard of integrity and loyalty, furthermore, I find personal fulfillment in assisting others in realizing their potential.

Since 2007 I have been a language teacher, translator and consultant. Besides speaking fluent Mandarin Chinese, English, and Thai, I speak Chinese minority languages Pumi and Mosuo.





Ding ding


I majored in English when I was in college at International Studies University, which is one of the top language schools in China. I lived in America for a year as an exchange student at Rowan University in New Jersey. It opened up my eyes and my mind and awakened my traveling genes. I’m well traveled in China and ready for exploring the world. I’m a member on Couchsurfing, which enables me to meet people from all over the world and learning about their countries, their people and their cultures.

I worked as an English teacher for almost six years at my Alma Mater, which gave me first hand teaching experience and since last year I’ve been teaching foreigners Chinese. All the former experience made it easier for me to understand second language teaching better. Also, personally, I love the Chinese art and culture. I practice calligraphy and enjoy reading ancient Chinese literature.

Study Chinese

Speakeasy Language Center in Lijiang was designed as a practical, peaceful place for students to come and study languages. Located right beside the tranquil waters of Black Dragon Pond, our center offers professional teachers, quiet classrooms, and a unique curriculum for learning. If you want to learn to speak Mandarin, contact us about our programs and our current availability.