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Xihe can understand the reason why Luo let Ashiyu come to Mufu Mansion in Lijiang. He has to let A Leqiu marry with Muzeng in his plan of revenge. He becomes more vigilant to Ashiyu. He even let A Leqiu to ask Ashiyu out and want to murder her at the street in Lijiang ancient town. Xihe tells her the whole plan how to kill Ashiyu. But she think twice about that and decided to stop Xihe. Because she thinks Ashiyu is innocent here, she cannot hurt any innocent people. But A Zhao heard their conversation and already know their plan. Also, she hopes A Leqiu can marry Muzeng. Therefore she starts the plan without permission of A Leqiu. She told a lie to Ashiyu and lead her out of Mufu Mansion. But A Leqiu know this matter unexpectedly and rush out the Mufu Mansion and be there in time fo saving Ashiyu at the moment that Xihe and A Zhao want to kill her.

A Leqiu come to prison in Lijiang to talk to Muzeng and Mukun

Ashiyu is really grateful about that to A Leqiu. But when she get back to Mufu Mansion she heard from the relationship between A Leqiu and Muzeng. From the moment she heard that she think A Leqiu was tricking her. She thinks it’s just a fraud that is arranged by A Leqiu. So she starts to hate A Leqiu and swear to take away Muzeng from her. While Muzeng and Mukun know their grandmother arranged their marriage for them, both of them are against with that and said they will never agree with it. They finally were put into the prison.

The brothers are told that they can decide their own marriage

Even they were put into prison they still refuse to accept to marry the one who Luo arrange for them. Thereupon, Luo and Muwang find A Leqiu and talk to her that it is impossible for a maid to marry the prince of Mufu Mansion. So A Leqiu comes to prison to try to persuade them to let her go. But they still insist their mind and refuse this marriage. Reluctantly, Luo has to release them and tell them they won’t force them to marry some one. But they heard a news that Mufu mansion is gathering soldiers urgently and preparing to fight against Ningzhou. If the war will be broken out, the people will be plunged into an abyss of misery. Muzeng and Mukun want to stop it. But they are told that it will be taken place because of their penitential marriage. If they still refuse to marry A shiyu and Ayuela, this war is impossible to be avoided.

Muzeng pretend to close to Ashiyu in front of A Leqiu

Both of them are in a dilemma. They don’t want a war to take place, also don’t want to give up their true love. It’s hard to make a decision in mind. But they have to compromise to Luo when the war is beginning they have to comply with Luo to marry Ashiyu and Ayuela. Luo finally controlled everything again. While have to pretend to close to Ashiyu in front of A Leqiu. But A Leqiu thinks Muzeng cease to be faithful to her. Therefore she becomes sad.

People of Mufu Mansion Lijiang including Muzeng and A Leqiu found that there is nothing can prove Mulong is disloyal. But fortunately, when they were in disappointment they found Mulong start to investigate an escaped prisoner named Duan Jingang. Muzeng met this person on his way. But Duanjingang is in a coma at that time. Muzeng and A Leqiu think they find the Mulong’s secret from this person and they decide to find out the answer they want.

Mulong is telling the story about the real Mulong to Muzeng in Mufu Mansion Lijiang
Mulong is telling the story about the real Mulong to Muzeng in Mufu Mansion Lijiang

When Duanjingang is misted he blurt out that Mulong’s face is not his. It scared people around him because his words are not logical at all and full of terror. They wonder and cannot understand what kind of secret behind Mulong. Duanjingang becomes sober finally with good care from Muzeng and A Leqiu. While the first thing he wants to do is hijacking Muzeng after he wakes up. He doesn't believe that Muzeng is the real grandson in Mufu Mansion. Therefore, A Leqiu found Azhao and Gaoyulong to prove the identity of Muzeng. But unfortunately, A Leqiu was captured by the killers on her way. But these killers didn’t know they graps the real A Leqiu, they still think of Azhao as A Leqiu and ask the real A Leqiu to lead them to find A Leqiu. A Leqiu unexpectedly knows from killers that it is Luo who wants to kill her.

Muzeng is confronting with Mulong
Muzeng is confronting with Mulong

Muzeng persuaded Duanjingang and found out the truth that Mulong already dead few years ago. This Mulong is counterfeit and he replaced the real Mulong more than ten years. Muzeng takes Duanjingang to confront the counterfeit Mulong at that night. When they confronted with each other, A Leqiu is coming in with killers, they come here to kill Azhao. In the nick of time, Mulong suddenly broke the whole situation. He saved A Leqiu’s and Azhao’s lives and told Muzeng that he has a story that Muzeng has to know.

Mulong’s story moved Muzeng. The truth is that the real Mulong was brutality and cruel to all the staffs. It made miners the rage. Finally, the real Mulong was killed by miners. The counterfeit Mulong have to replace the real one because Mu people will hurt even kill these poor miners if they know they killed the real Mulong. While Duanjingang is one of the loyal heelers of Mulong, he killed a lot of people here like a demon. After carefully consideration, Muzeng agree that he can continue to be Mulong and put the evil Duanjingang into prison. Muzeng told Mulong he will keep secret for him to protect all of the miners and Mulong go down on his knees to Muzeng ang thanks for his helpfulness.

Luo is trying to persuade Ashiyu marry to Muzeng
Luo is trying to persuade Ashiyu marry to Muzeng

Everything is successfully fixed here. They have hunted down again on their way to back to Mufu Mansion. Muzeng knows it’s her grandmother want to kill A Leqiu. He is so angry about that and wants to debate with her but he was stopped by A Leqiu.

When they get back to Mufu Mansion Lijiang, A Leqiu found there is a pretty girl named Ashiyu who from Ningshou where far away from here. Luo let her come here. Luo doesn't want both of her grandsons to marry A Leqiu. So she wants Muzeng marry Ashiyu, Mukun marries Ayuela and prepared two royal wedding.

This week let’s continue our story about Mufu Mansion in Lijiang. A Leiqiu ready to go out of Mufu Mansion as Luo’s wish. She totally has no idea that a killer named A Hu is waiting for her on the way. But she can guess there will be something wrong because of the unexpected order from Luo. A Zhao worried there will be something happened to A Leqiu and decided to go with her. Muzeng also wanted to follow them. While A Leqiu thought she will get hurt if she is closer to him, she starts too far away from him and less talk to him. So he was hopeless and didn’t go with them.

Lijiang Mu Long

A Leqiu found that something wrong on their way. She tried to let A Zhao escape from the dangerous situation when she felt the danger around them. She enjoined A Zhao that she cannot go back to Lijiang or they will kill her. But A Zhao didn’t listen to her and go back to Mafu Mansion and want to find someone to save A Leqiu there. A Leqiu and her guards were immediately surrounded. The guards would have to give A Leqiu to the bandits on the basis of Luo’s order. While these bandits get the order that kills all of the guards and A Leqiu. They start to kill each other. A Leqiu didn’t know the truth, so she helped the guards’ commander to escape there. The bandits are more than guards. A Leqiu was caught along with protection there. But Muzeng and Gao Yulong saved A Leqiu when she was almost killed. They fight against A Hu and defeated him. Muzeng force A Hu to make a promise that he will never hurt A Leqiu again or he will be killed. Muzeng got hurt from this fight because of her. A Leqiu cannot help to cry and hug him without any consideration.

Lijiang Gao Yulong

Muzeng saved A Leqiu and released A Hu. A Hu felt guilty and owe a life to Muzeng. He swears in his mind that he will pay the thankfulness back to him. All of them just stay away from the danger for the moment. They start to go for gold mine deposit. Everyone thought it is just a trivial matter. While A Leqiu thought that they should dress up and cannot tell anyone who they really are, to make sure if the manager Mulong is loyal or not. It was just a test for the manager. A Zhao dressed up as A Leqiu, Muzeng and A Leqiu dresses up as others. When they have been there few days they felt there’s a secret behind Mulong and they start to suspect him.

A Hu

Luo has guessed the bandits will fail to kill A Leqiu. So she dispatches some secret killers to come to gold mine deposit to murder her. These killers didn’t know what A Leqiu look like. When they come to there, they thought A Zhao is her and ready to kill her. While A Zhao has no idea that someone thinks of her as A Leqiu and wants to kill her.

It is holding an activity in Lijiang for celebrating the Culture Exchange Festival from the 21st March to 23rd March. There are a lot of people who are from different countries with a different culture to take part in it. Diplomats from foreign consulates-generals in Kunming and foreign friends and their families living, studying and working in Lijiang are invited to the event. Also, some people who interested in different cultures are invited to join it. My friends and I took part in it yesterday. It was a really wonderful day for us because we got acquainted with some foreigner friends there. We were warmly welcomed to attending the following activities yesterday:

Taking part in the calligraphy and flower arrangement with friends from different countries in lijiang culture exchange festival

  • 22nd March 2017 (Wednesday)
  • 09:30--11:30 Opening of the event and culture performances(Mu’s Mansion in the Old Town, we proceed to the Mu’s Mansion ). Local Naxi people dressed their folk costumes to gather here to dance and sing, also, some cultural performances. People showed their skills like as calligraphy.
  • 12:00--13:00 Lunch(in the Old Town)take the bus for Pullman Hotel(it’s five stars local hotel) after lunch
  • 14:00-17:00 Chinese Calligraphy and Flower Arts(at Pullman Hotel)

There are calligraphy and flower arrangement for international friends there. The famous beautiful tea specialist Lilizhen was invited to come here to show her tea ceremony. Lilizhen was the champion in the tea skill competition 2015 because of her show HE YUN CHA YUAN. She is from Lijiang, an excellent teacher to train the tea ceremony. She has started her tea career since her graduation from college. She always loves everything about tea. She said she can be sad or happy because of tea. Tea is her unseparated friend in her life. Tea is not just tea. She can feel the life from different kinds of teas. HE means lotus, YUN means rhythm, CHA means tea, YUAN means luck. Lilizhen likes lotus and tea. When she took part in the competition of the tea ceremony, it was a season that lotus is in full bloom. So she wanted to put lotus and tea together. The pure lotus and algefacient and bitter tea steal her life.

Lilizhen is showing the traditional tea ceremony

Also, famous calligrapher He Zhigang was invited to take part in it, he showed his calligraphy with all of the people. People may think calligraphy is common in China. But we all know He Zhigang is a special man. He lost his arms because of an accident when he was young. So he cannot write with his hands. But he didn’t be dispirited, he tries to do everything with his mouth and feet. He can write different kinds of calligraphy with his mouth after making great efforts within so many years.He wrote the calligraphy of “源远流长” yesterday. It means lasting friendship among countries in the whole world. It’s meaningful for everyone.

He Zhigang is showing his calligraphy

  • 17:30-18:00 Dinner
  • 19:00-21:30 Minority Costumes and Music Show(Yuhe Square of the Old Town, besides the Water Wheel)

A Yu keeps watching on A Leqiu from that time. She finally found a big striking secret that A Leqiu and Xihe know each other. Xihe one day, finds A Leqiu and talks about some details of revenge with her. A Yu follows Xihe and discovers all of the details about their secret. A Leqiu doesn’t want to revenge but her uncle forces her with her families in Lijiang. A Yu who there eavesdrops them, knows the real identity of A Leqiu and decides immediately to meet Luo to expose them. But she is stopped on her way to Luo’s room. A Zhao tells A Yu that she is an orphan and she cannot be somebody in the future without A Leqiu, the only person who can help her in this mansion. Thus, she cannot let anyone hurt A Leqiu. Then A Yu is pulled into a pool and drowned.

A zhao and Ayue

When Luo knows that A Yu was drowned, she thinks A Leqiu set to do that. So A Leqiu is put into a cell to try to interrogate if she murdered A Yu. A Leqiu doesn’t know A Zhao murdered someone and even didn’t know someone know the secret between Xihe and her. Therefore, she is not scared of it. And Luo cannot find anything that can prove A Leqiu killed that servant girl A Yu. But she still doesn’t want to let her off. When Muzeng and Mukun know A Leqiu is in prison, they try to save her and they put forward to duel with the warrior to people’s surprise. A Leqiu will be let out if they win it. They gamble for A Leqiu with their lives.

Muqing and A leqiu in Mufu Mansion Lijiang

This dangerous rencunter startled everyone in Mufu Mansion. Xihe thought it will be a good chance for to initiate chaos. He arranged his heelers to replace the real warriors and order them to kill Muzeng in the stage of dueling. Then he can make the whole Mansion be turmoil with this chance. Xihe’s plan is going successfully. His heelers replaced the two real warriors without a hitch. Muzeng tried to find out the loophole of this duel before they get a start because they cannot defeat the opposite side without some loopholes of regulations. Muzeng discussed with Mukun about it before it and they decided to cooperate with each other to win it. So they finally won it.

The Mu family

Even they win this fight, one of the warriors tries to kill Muzeng. But there is another one shows up and saves Muzeng. That's A Yuela who always worries about Mukun. Muzeng and Mukun are not be killed and saved A Leqiu. But Luo still suspects about A Leqiu. She wonders this two grandsons can do anything for this woman even their lives. It still should be some problem from A Leqiu. Luo finds a chance to let A Leqiu go out of Mufu mansion in Lijiang to deal with something about her job. She wants to kill A Leqiu on her way. Meanwhile, she thinks her grandsons will stop to like A Leqiu if she kills her.

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